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Belly Shot: 8 Weeks

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Here’s a belly shot of Yenari at 8 weeks and 1 day, taken on October 26th:

In the last week or so, the belly has introduced itself to the world (hello world!) and Yenari is starting to ‘show’.  The comfortable pants selection is quickly diminishing and the top button is quick to come undone after a meal.  Elastic pants here we come!


Second Ultrasound

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We went for our follow-up ultrasound on October 21st to make sure that the fetus was developing properly.  This time we met with another doctor – the doctor was male, not female like the last, so Yenari was a little uncomfortable at first, but he was great and was so enthusiastic about everything.  Here’s a picture of the ultrasound:

Again, the baby is marked off with plus sign here.  In the 11 days since the first ultrasound, the baby grew from 0.46 cm up to 1.4 cm.  The doctor said that everything looked perfect and that the baby grew the right amount in the 11 days and that it was probably younger than we thought because Yenari probably ovulated later in her cycle than we thought (too much information for you internet?). In the picture, the baby’s head is at the bottom facing right and the ‘tail’ is at the top.  The doctor pointed out that the baby’s spine was formed and the location of the yolk sack.

The other thing that was awesome was that he let us listen to the heartbeat.  He turned on the microphone (yeah, internal ultrasound!) and a super-fast heart beat filled the room – a beat of 150 beats a minute.

We were very relieved and super excited after this visit – we learned that everything was going as expected, got a new ultrasound picture to obsess over, and learned that a male OBGYN is A-OK.

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First Ultrasound

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We went for the first appointment with the doctor on October 10th – Yenari was supposed to be at about 7 and a half weeks, and she was scheduled for her first ultrasound.  Here it is (click for a larger version):

In the image on top, the plus sign shows where the fetus is.  They made the plus marks to measure the size of the fetus.  Going into the appointment, we thought that Yenari was seven and half weeks pregnant, but the ultrasound showed that she was only six weeks and one day pregnant.  The doctor said that we needed to have a follow-up ultrasound in ten days to make sure that the fetus is growing and that the small size didn’t indicate a problem.  Despite the worry of the smaller size, it was so exciting to see the baby on the monitor and to see its little heart flickering on the screen.

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We can make it as big as you want

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The first time we went to the doctor’s office for Yenari’s pregnancy we went to meet with the OB nurse so that she could give us information about pregnancy in general and also review how Palo Alto Medical Foundation plans doctor’s visits, labs, and all of the other fun medical stuff.

The nurse was very friendly and happy – she is also preggers too (we be preggers together) – and she said that the first doctors visit, only a week and a half away, would include an ultrasound…here’s how the conversation went….

OB Nurse: On your first visit with the doctor, we’ll do the first ultrasound

Us: Great!

OB Nurse: Because you’ll only be 7 weeks the normal ultrasound can’t detect the baby, so this ultrasound will be internal

Yenari: (starting to look concerned)

OB Nurse: If we do that we can see how the fetus is doing and make sure that everything is going ok.

Yenari: (still thinking about the internal ultrasound, not paying attention)

OB Nurse: It’s great that you can get a photo of the ultrasound so early in your pregnancy

Yenari: How big is it? (still thinking about that internal ultrasound probe)

OB Nurse: (enthusiastically) We can make it as big as you want!

Yenari: (shocked, mouth wide open, thinking ‘Who would want a big probe?!?!?!?’)

Greg: Umm…I think she was asking about how big the internal probe is

OB Nurse: (turning beet red in a matter of a second) Oh my goodness – I’m so sorry, I was talking about the photo! Don’t worry – the probe is really small!

All three of us: (cracking up)

Yenari: (relieved…)

So, we learned early on, pregnancy is a tricky thing and you’ve got to have a sense of humor about it…


We be Preggers

Posted by Greg on October 30th, 2008

Hello world!  Yenari and I are having a baby, and we’re telling our story just for you.  We’re both really excited about it – nervous too, but thrilled to have the loving support of our friends and family.  We decided to put up this baby blog as a way to let you know what’s going on with us and to help us chronicle the 9 months for ourselves.  I (Greg) will likely be the main author here, but I’m really just dictating the words of ‘the boss’ (Yenari, not Bruce Springsteen).

They say – ‘first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage’ – well, almost…there’s also a little matter of 9 months of pregnancy, and that’s what we’re into right now!

And now…coming soon, we’ll catch you up on the last 2 doctor’s appointments and even give a belly shot!