The sewing bandit strikes again

Posted by Greg on November 15th, 2008 with tags: ,

Burp!  Yenari’s insatiable urge to sew has struck again, this time resulting in 12 burp cloths!

Yenari was inspired by A Chelsea Morning’s post on making burp cloths and decided to dip into her endless pool of pajama and scrub scraps to make quilted burp cloths.  With almost three weeks left before she goes back to work, Yenari is wondering what else she can make.  Ideas?



  1. Katie Griffith Says:

    warm blankets, thin, flanel blankets, sheets, changing pads, nursing cover-up, sun hat, cloth toy blocks, head rest for infant carseat, ear-muffs, head bands, drum covers, pacifier warmers

    to name a few…

  2. Connie Says:

    Put all your clothes under lock and key, Greg. Is it time for an intervention?

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