It’s a girl!

Posted by Greg on January 16th, 2009 with tags: , ,

Yup – we’re going to have a baby girl!  We went into the doctor today for the 20 week organ screening – a process where they do a very detailed ultrasound and examine all the organs, bones, and make sure that everything is looking good.  The woman who was doing the examination asked us if we wanted to know the gender (which we did) so then she asked Yenari whether she had any preference for a girl or a boy – Yenari answered that she wanted to have a girl and the woman said she’s in luck, because it is a girl…then she pointed to the screen and said, “see, over here, you can see her hamburger” – I’d never quite heard that term for ‘lady parts’, so that was fairly amusing.  Here are a couple shots from the ultrasound, though unfortunately their printer was having serious problems so the quality of the photos is really bad:


A profile shot

A profile shot


A closeup of her face

A closeup of her face

They don’t give the results on the organ screening during the appointment – that’s something that we hear about later, but nothing seemed abnormal, so we’re hoping everything is ok.  It was great to see the ultrasound for so long – almost an hour – we got to see her moving around a lot, kicking, punching, sucking her thumb, and even giving us the finger!  

After a very exciting appointment it was time for lunch, and the choice was quite obvious – hamburgers…



  1. Katie Says:

    THRILLING! And that’s great you know for sure – we were told it was 80% girl, which was kind of hard to deal with. Are you going to tell us any name ideas or is that a secret?

  2. Alden Says:

    I’m pretty sure that “hamburgers” was some sort of clue for the name. I’m thinking Hammy or Hamula or maybe Hamtilda?

    I kid I kid… that’s awesome you guys – congrats!


  3. Sarah Says:

    Squeeee!! SO exciting to hear that it’s a girl–she’s going to be ridiculously cute 🙂

  4. Jeff Says:

    Had it been a boy, I can only assume that the conclusive evidence would have been a “hot dog.”

    Anyhow, congratulations!!! As it is a girl, I hereby volunteer to help beat up teenage boys in fifteen years (something I was sadly unable to do as an actual teenager).

  5. Anne Says:

    She’s sooooo pretty even from the ultrasound photo!!
    Lucky you guyz~!!! 🙂

  6. greg Says:

    @Katie: nope – not going to share the name
    @Alden: Hamelzda is the winner – don’t tell Katie, she thinks we’re not telling anyone…

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