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How the internet gets to our blog

Posted by Greg on April 23rd, 2009 with tags: ,

Procrastinating on writing something up about Yenari’s two baby showers this past week, so this is more of a meta-post…a post about the blog itself….

When we first posted this blog we decided that we’d leave it open to the world of search engines.  As a result, we have people stopping by from all over the world.  Here’s a picture from Google Analytics showing where the visitors to our blog are coming from:

Map Overlay of Visitors

Map Overlay of Visitors

And…the here are some grouped samples of searches that brought people to our site over the past few months – this is just a small sampling as there have been over 550 search terms, many of which have been searched multiple times.  Searchers make up 40% of our visitors…so here’s a slice of it, with number in parenthesis being the number of people who searched with the query.


andrew neustaetter wedding (4) Note: searched months before my brother was engaged
“belly shot” -porn (3)
a picture of a baby flicking you off in a sonogram (1)
big preggers (1)
biggest pregger in the world (1)
meat sewing devices (1)
bubble tea pregnant women (1)
can i eat bbq when preggers (1)
eating korean bbq while pregnant (1)
korean barbecue okay for pregnancies? (1)
korean bbq buffet pregnancy (1)
nana bbq in koreatown (1)
eating dinner table 18th century photo (1)
female super burper (1)
is pinkberry safe for pregnancy (1)
mature preggers (1)
preggerkorean (1)
preggers belly punching (1)
preggers in chicago (1)
webe shot (1)
wii 5 week old fetus show up on ultrasoubd (1)
wii flannel fabric (1)
“getting her hair cut” photo (1)
2009 korean hair cut (1)


hamburger sign ultrasound (2)
baby girl hamburger ultrasound  (1)
baby girl ultrasound hamburger shots (1)
baby ultrasound hamburger (1)
hamburger sign female ultrasound  (1)
hamburger sign on ultrasound (1)
is it true about seeing a hamburger shape during ultrasound that you are a girl (1)
ultrasound showed hamburger (1)

Looking for our site

yenari chung (15)
gregandyenari (12)
greg yenari (10)
greg and yenari (5)
yenari and greg (4)
greg neustaetter (2)
greg yenari baby blog (2)

Belly shots

14 week belly (28)
16 week belly (12)
19 week belly (8)
8 week belly shot (7)
16 week belly shot (6)
belly at 8 weeks (6)
preggers belly (2)
10 weeks, huge belly (1)


elephant print fabric for sewing (3)
bib backing (2)
elephant receiving blankets (2)
mitered corner receiving blanket (2)
sewing for baby blog (2)
sewing receiving blankets (2)
“flannel fabric” elephants (1)
“left over fabric” projects (1)
a final mitered corner on blanket (1)
girly bib patterns (1)
brooks brothers and elbow holes (1)
brooks brothers shirt holes in elbow (1)
elbow hole in brooks brothers shirt (1)
do non-iron shirts wear out faster (1)
joann fabric elephant flannel fabric (1)


baby kicking and punching ultrasound early (2)
how big is internal ultrasound (1)
how big is probe in ultrasound (1)
how can i get my baby to open its hands during ultrasound any tricks (1)
how to make sure you can see the baby’s parts and ultrasound (1)
are ultrasounds ok for baby? (1)
baby didn’t cooperate 2nd trimester ultrasound will they re-do? (1)
butt shot ultrasound (1)
my ultrasounds shows the baby is a week and a half younger than i thought (1)
small fetus looks so big on ultrasound (1)
ultrasound baby giving finger (1)
ultrasound pic of baby giving middle finger (1)
ultrasound tech shakes baby (1)
ultrasound technician shaking belly (1)


tailbone pain during pregnancy (8)
pregnant tailbone pain (5)
tailbone pain pregnant (5)
pain in the tailbone while pregnant (2)
tailbone pain before labor (2)
“tailbone” and “second trimester”  (1)
16 weeks tailbone pain (1)
been in bed with tailbone pain (1)
broken tailbone and pregnant (1)
coccyx pain in the middle of the night (1)
how do i know if a tailbone injury is serious (1)
lump at top of buttocks and tailbone pain while pregnant (1)
what is the human tail bone made out of (1)


32 week belly shot

Posted by Greg on April 11th, 2009 with tags: ,

32 weeks and 2 days, to be precise…

32 week belly shot

32 week belly shot

We went to the doctor on Thursday – we’re up to an appointment every two weeks now.  She checked the baby’s heart beat with the doppler – everything sounded good, but was having having trouble figuring out how the baby was positioning so she did a super quick ultrasound – woo hoo!  She was worry that the baby might be the breached position – the baby can still move around now, but at this point they hope the baby’s head will be pointing down.  Luckily she was pointing down and in perfect position.  The doctor said “looks like it’s still a girl” which was good.  She also gave us a closeup shot of her face – she was looking slightly less alien-like – almost like a real person!  Her lips were moving around like she was chewing – like mother, like daughter!  Unfortunately the doctor didn’t print out any of these ultrasound shots, but it was still an very nice unexpected surprise…

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