39 weeks

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Yesterday Yenari crossed the 39 week mark and entered her 40th week of pregnancy…that would be 40 out of 40.  Today we went to the doctor for the weekly examination, where the doctor did an internal exam and an ultrasound.

The big news of the exam was that Yenari’s cervix is 4cm dilated – for those of you who might not know what that means, it means that Yenari is ready to pop!  So it really can be anytime now, but it doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily be in the next day or two, but the doctor was pretty sure she wouldn’t go past her due date (next Thursday). The ultrasound wasn’t too exciting, but did confirm that her ‘bag of waters’ (yes Rebecca, like Troy, I also find that term hilarious) is in good shape and has enough water.  No printout unfortunately.

So now we’ve kicked the preparations into higher gear – making sure we’ve got everything packed up in our bag, doing some cleaning, and all the other fun stuff.  I’ve also been trying to wrap things up at work so that my absence doesn’t hold anyone up.

The last thing on Yenari’s schedule before she can pop this little girl out is to watch ‘Up’, the Pixar movie that was released today.  Yenari is a Pixar fanatic and she was very worried that she might have the baby before the movie and then not get a chance to see it in the theatre.  We’ve got tickets to the midnight show tonight, so hopefully she’ll make it!



  1. Rebecca Says:

    So exciting! That’s amazing that Yenari’s already dilated to 4 cm without officially being in labor. She’s lucky! I’ve heard a few too many stories lately of women being in labor for days without dilating past 1 cm. Anyway, a beautiful, healthy birth to you guys if I don’t talk to you before it!

  2. Katie Says:

    See you on the other side!

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