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Yenari, Hazel, and I are now home alone, which I guess isn’t exactly alone, but certainly without adult supervision.  Unless we’re the adult supervision…definitely a scary thought.

Today Yenari’s mom headed back home to Korea after being with us for almost 4 weeks.  Yesterday Yenari’s aunt headed back to Korea after being with us for about 3 weeks.  They were both an incredible help to us – keeping us fed (with delicious food), keeping the house clean, changing diapers, and keeping Hazel occupied so that we could sit at the table and eat together and with friends.  They will definitely be missed – we can’t thank them enough.

We spent some more extended family time this weekend too – on Friday we had a nice dinner at our house with Yenari’s cousin Kisook, her husband, and their 2 and a half year old.  On Saturday, Yenari’s aunt and uncle who live nearby San Francisco came down for breakfast and then took Yenari’s aunt up to SFO.  Here’s a (slightly out of focus) shot I took of the crowd Saturday morning:

Hazel with her grandmother, great aunts, great uncle, and mom

Yenari’s uncle caught a great shot of Yenari’s mother, that really captures her joy and excitement in being a grandmother:

Laughing grandma

This morning it was our turn to head up to Yenari’s aunt and uncle’s place for breakfast – we had an excellent meal of blueberry pancakes then brought Yenari’s mom to the airport, bid her farewell, and then back to our place for the start of a new phase in baby wrangling.

In Hazel’s 4 weeks – yup, today she is 4 weeks old – she’s kept us busy and entertained, and now she’s made her way around the Bay Area, making it up to San Francisco, her great aunt/uncle’s place, SFO, the mall, Target, Stanford, a french restaurant in Santana Row (where Yenari had her first feeding the baby in public experience), the doctor, and a whole host of other places.  She’s doing really well – spending more time awake, trying to lift her head as much as she can, and still sleeping fairly well.

Here they are, my favorite girls:

Lift that head!

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