2 months old

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On Friday, Hazel hit the 2 month mark and celebrated with a trip to the doctor for a checkup.  She’s doing well in the growth department – she’s in the 90th percentile for height (23.5 inches), the 75th percentile for weight (11 pounds, 10 ounces), and the 50th percentile for head circumference.  I think it would be funny if doctors gave adults these same comparative statistics when they go in for checkups – I wonder how my head circumference compares to other 30 year old dudes.  Anyway…here’s the dear child, in her car seat ready to head to the doctor.

Hazel in her car seat

Hazel in her car seat

On the developmental checklist she had ‘yes’ circled for all of the things she should be able to do as a big, grown-up 2 month old – lifting her head, making (non-crying) noises, smiling, tracking things with her eyes, and recognizing and staring at faces.  The least fun part of the doctors visit was the 3 vaccines she had to get…only two of them were shots – one in each leg, neither of them very enjoyable for any of us.  Luckily she seemed to have forgotten the shots after a few minutes.

And because all you readers are interested in is pictures of Hazel, here she is, ready for her closeup:

And now for that closeup:

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    That’s one cute baby.

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