A visit from my mom and my sister

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The last week and a few days have been really fun because my mom and my sister Liza came for a visit.  Liza stayed a week and left this past Thursday, trading places with Duncan.  My mom and Duncan went down to a classic car race in Monterey for the weekend, but they’re due back any time now.

My mom and Liza were super helpful in their visit…playing with Hazel, burping her, arranging all her clothes, cooking, and giving our house the most thorough cleaning its seen in a long time.  My mom actually brought all her favorite recipes and let us pick out which ones we wanted for different meals – very luxurious.  They also watched Hazel during the day while I was at work so that Yenari could go get a massage.

Not only did they do all these useful and helpful things, but they had fun with us too!  Here’s a photo of Liza playing with Hazel just before heading out of the house:

Hazel smiling at Aunt Liza

And here are all of the girls at the tail end of a walk we took around the Stanford campus:

This was the second trip for my mom to visit Hazel and its amazing how much Hazel has grown and changed in the weeks between her trips.  This was Aunt Liza’s first encounter with Hazel and her first time spending any significant time with a newborn.  One of the nights when they were here my dad was also in the area on business, so we had a big family dinner – Hazel’s second time having dinner with both her grandmother and grandfather.  Here’s my dad with Hazel:

with her grandfather

It was a great week with Liza and my mom, a nice stop in with my dad, and we still have a day and a half with my mom.  But the visits aren’t slowing down…tomorrow my Aunt Janet and cousin Morgan from Portland will be visiting us for dinner, on Wednesday we’re going to Yenari’s aunt and uncle’s house to see them and Yenari’s grandfather who is coming in from Korea – this will be both Hazel’s first and my first time meeting him!  Then…next Saturday my brother is coming for a three day trip after which I’ll be headed to the Boston area for a business trip with Yenari and Hazel in tow…we’re extending the trip a couple days to head down to CT to stay with my mom again.  Then, I think, the month of visits will end and the preparation for Yenari heading back to work will begin.

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  1. Katie Says:

    so sweet! i still cannot believe we’re going to miss you guys when you’re in boston. such a bummer.

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