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Recent photos and video

Posted by Greg on October 13th, 2009 with tags: , ,

Ducky PJs

It has been a while since I posted anything, so I figured I’d post a couple of the recent photos and a video.  I was all geared up for a busy weekend this past weekend as Yenari was scheduled to work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday…but due to a small number of patients in her unit Yenari was sent home after 4 hours on both Friday and Saturday and didn’t even need to go in on Sunday – woo hoo!  So instead of struggling with the bottle, Hazel had a weekend long all you can eat milk buffet!  Ok, on to the rest of the photos:

Ducky PJs
Though Hazel always sports the mohawk, this photo really shows it off…along with her ducky PJs.

All wrapped up

And here’s a video of her laughing at me bringing the camera close to her and then far away:

A bit over a week ago we went to El Camino Hospital (Yenari’s employer) Community Day to celebrate the opening of their new super high-tech hospital.  Here are Yenari and Hazel in front of the nurses station in Yenari’s unit and then a picture of Yenari watching the hospital robot (a supply, medicine, and food delivering robot) while Hazel happily ignores the big moving file cabinet like robot!

Yenari and Hazel at the new El Camino Hospital

Meeting the hospital robot

Random post complete!  Thanks for bearing with me here…

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Hazel is 4 months old

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Four months have flown by quickly and the last month has given us a huge number of changes.  Hazel has changed a lot and is becoming more and more dynamic and interactive by the day.  While she laughed and smiled before, now she seems to be genuinely engaged by toys, songs, and staring at herself in the mirror.  Her occasional laughs and smiles have turned into excitement, infectious smiles, and cracking up.  She’s making a lot more noise, babbling to herself, squealing with excitement, and showing a wider range of emotions through her voice.  She’s getting a lot more control over her hands – grabbing toys, holding onto them, and studying them closely.  She’s almost like a real person!

Here she is holding one of her favorite toys:



She’s still giving us (at least me and the nanny) trouble in the bottle feeding department, but she does cave in and eat from the bottle when she’s really hungry, but still not nearly as much as she should be eating.  We’ve also caved in a few times by bringing Hazel to the hospital to meet Yenari on her dinner break for a quick feed, though we’re trying not to make these emergency feeding sessions a regular affair.

Today Hazel had her 4 month checkup.  We were especially eager to see how she was doing on the growth front since she obviously hasn’t been eating as well this past months due to her battle with the bottle.  The growth charts and the doctor’s comments comforted us – she’s growing just fine: she’s still at the 75th percentile for weight (14 lbs, 14 ounces), around the 97th percentile for height (26 inches), and the 50th percentile for head circumference.  On this visit to the doctor Hazel wasn’t the only one facing down the needle – the whole family got shots…Hazel got her next round of vaccinations and Yenari and I got flu shots…so while we don’t have matching clothes we were wearing matching band-aids today.

Here’s another shot of her from almost 2 weeks ago:


Lastly, congratulations to new parents Joe and Sophia, who welcomed their beautiful baby girl Vera Elizabeth Lampe about a week ago – welcome to the club!

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