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Yes Wii Can, Sunday Brunch, and the Sewing Continues

Posted by Greg on November 23rd, 2008 with tags: , ,

Yenari and I met my dad for dinner earlier this week, and since it was his last visit to California until next year he decided to bring some Christmas presents along for us.  Because he flew from Chicago he couldn’t wrap them all, so we didn’t even need to unwrap our present early to see that he gave us a Wii Fit…and since we could see it, we figured we might as well use it!  We did some quick searching and it seems that the Wii Fit is quite popular with the preggers and is supposed to be totally safe, so Yenari hopped on for a try.

They start it off by checking your height, weight, and doing some balance tests.  After the tests they told Yenari that her BMI was 22, putting her right in the middle of the normal range.  Next I went, but I wasn’t so lucky…the first day my BMI was at something like 25.1 – just on the edge of overweight!  So the 12 week pregger (after gaining 8 pounds) totally showed me up!  Luckily the next day I was in the normal range, but I have to get working to keep in that normal range.  Here’s a photo of our characters:

Skinny Yenari and Fat Greg

Skinny Yenari and Fat Greg

Next, the Wii Fit asked us to enter fitness goals in terms of the weight we’d like to gain/lose over the next 4 weeks – this was a funny one for Yenari because she had to enter in a goal of gaining weight, something the game probably isn’t too used to.  Unfortunately they don’t have a mode for pregnant people, so the Wii Fit is going to be mad at Yenari for gaining weight and losing her balance control.  We saw postings on web forums where pregnant women were pissed that the game thought they were getting out of shape, losing balance, and asked them to lose weight!  Here’s a shot of Yenari Hoola-Hooping:

Yenari Hoola Hooping in Wii Fit

Yenari Hoola-Hooping in Wii Fit

To counteract all this great exercising, we had to eat some serious food today…a light sunday brunch at Palace BBQ, an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurant where the buffet is filled with raw, marinated meat that you grill for yourself at your table.  Pork, beef, squid…we had it all, and lots of it.  Yenari thought I was insane for putting rice on my plate – it was an all meat meal for her.  Here’s a shot of her grilling up some kalbi:

Grilling kalbi at Palace BBQ

Grilling kalbi at Palace BBQ

After about an hour straight of eating Korean BBQ I was about ready to pass out – the photo looks a little blury, but that’s probably because I was shaking from a beef overdose – sorry.  Yenari kept eating for a good 15 mintues (6 more short ribs for her) after I finished up.  When we were leaving I was ready to go home to pass out for an hour or six, but Yenari insisted that we walk next door to the Korean market to buy tons of food – picking up six sweet potatoes, some mushrooms, and some bean powder for making fresh noodles.  It’s all kind of a blur to me, my brain had been called in to help with digestion.

Just as we were leaving she spotted some Korean rice cake which reminded her that she wanted to go to EWHA Dang Rice Bakery, a shop that specializes in the stuff.  We drove 5 minutes to go to the shop but they were closed (even though their sign said they should have been open), so Yenari was pissed…but luckily she spotted a bubble tea place and was able to continue the food fest with a mango bubble tea:

Yenari drinking bubble tea

Yenari drinking bubble tea

I mostly wanted to write about this because I think that picture is hilarious.  Yenari is totally zoned out in bubble tea land.  She hates the photo, but it’s staying!  Internet, I hope you enjoy.

Lest you think a post can go by without detailing Yenari’s sewing habit, she has been sewing up a storm…several blankets, some hats made out of sweat pants legs (weird, huh?), and she just bought 8 yards of flannel fabric in order to make some PJs for herself and a couple other blankets.

Alright, enough writing for today – back to digesting…

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