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6 week update

Posted by Greg on July 15th, 2009 with tags: , , , ,

Hazel turned six weeks old this past Sunday, so now she’s a good way through her seventh week, but these days we’re running late on just about everything, so why not this update!

This past weekend we had a couple visitors which was very nice.  On Saturday, Petyon and Kathleen came to visit – Kathleen is Hazel’s 11 year old aunt!  It was great to see them and I think they both really enjoyed seeing Hazel.  It was particularly sweet seeing Kathleen with Hazel – she seemed so thrilled to be meeting her little niece!  We had a really nice Chinese takeout dinner with them before they headed to San Diego to continue their vacation. Here are a couple shots I took while they were here:

Hazel with aunt Kathleen and Peyton

Hazel and aunt Kathleen

Hazel and aunt Kathleen

Hazel and aunt Kathleen

On Sunday – the official six week milestone – Jeff and Sarah came out to visit for the afternoon. They had visited us in the Hospital on Hazel’s first day, so it was nice to see them again when things were a little less hectic. Here they are:

Hazel with Jeff & Sarah

Hazel’s biggest new trick is that occasionally she smiles at us – she was already smiling in her sleep, but now she’s started doing it while awake…not to often, but she’s started nonetheless…and of course we totally melt when she does it!  It even makes us forgive some of the trouble she gives us – the dirty diapers, the crying, and the sleepless nights.

Sleep wise, she’s generally been pretty good, waking up 2-3 times a night.  A couple times she’s been a little less cooperative, keeping us up until 3 or 4 in the morning, walking her around the house, trying to get her sleepy, trying to make her fall back into the regular routine.  Last week I was holding/rocking her, walking around our house in the dark at 3am, and I managed to stub my toe so hard I thought I broke it – it’s still black and blue a week later!

When she does sleep, she really does sleep though:

Totally passed out

Yenari’s doing well too – just yesterday she went for her 6 week post delivery checkup and passed with flying colors.  Overall we’ve have nothing to complain about – Yenari’s healthy and Hazel is a healthy baby who’s quiet most of the time, sleeps well most of the time, and makes us happy just about all of the time!

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