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Posted by Greg on January 18th, 2010 with tags: , , , , , , ,

Last weekend my mom, Meemaw (!), came to visit us for 4 days.  It had been about 4 months since she’d seen Hazel so many many things had changed.  Hazel has been fairly weary of strangers, so my mom was worried that it would take a while for her to get used to her…luckily Hazel only gave her an abbreviated hour of probationary time before she started giggling and smiling and letting my mom hold her.


We had a fairly action packed start to our weekend with Meemaw with a trip to see Cirque du Soleil’s OVO in San Francisco.  Hazel handled it extremely well and actually seemed to enjoy it for maybe the first hour or so.  She managed to drop a bomb of a poop which we had a heck of a time with – no bathrooms except for porta-pottys, so we had to change her right in the middle of a big pavilion on a concrete floor.  After that we went to one of Yenari’s favorite Italian restaurants in SF where the duration of our trip started to take its toll on Hazel and we didn’t have the easiest time eating…nonetheless, a great trip into San Francisco with my mom and Hazel.

My mom’s visit also allowed Yenari and I to go to our first movie together since the night before Hazel was born when we saw Up!  This time we went to see Avatar and both enjoyed the movie and actual ability to do something without Hazel.  My mom fared well in Hazel watching – she went through three trials in feeding Hazel…her bottle, a sippy cup, and finally the winner: a shot glass!  On returning home Hazel didn’t even seem to care that we were back – Meemaw did a good job!

The night before my mom left my friend Sarah, who I’ve known since high school, came over for dinner.  Hazel was the total center of attention of the evening with cameras in her face, puppies, and lots of faces – here she is handling it fairly gracefully:

Center of attention

It was great to have my mom visit for a few days, though the days went too fast.  Luckily we’re going to see my mom (and others) again soon when Yenari and Hazel accompany me on a business trip to NYC at the end of this month.  Yenari had a tough time deciding on whether she should come along or stay at home with Hazel…both would be very tiring, but in the end travel won out so that my mom and my grandmother could spend more time with Hazel.  It’ll be difficult though…both ways we have 6am flights and Yenari even has to work on the day we travel home…eeek!

The biggest downside of the weekend my mom visited was that Yenari got sick – what started as just a sore throat and cough in the mornings turned into full-on bronchitis.  While that was nasty enough, Yenari added to the fun by getting a stomach virus which brought its fair share of nausea, vomiting, delusional thoughts (thinking of cutting out her stomach), and other pleasantries.  The past week has seen three trips to the doctor, a week and a half of sick leave from work, and a very sick mommy.  The whole family suffers when a mom is sick and this was certainly no exception.  She’s getting better now, but her cough is still pretty nasty and she’s not up to eating spicy Korean food yet!

At the height of Yenari’s sickness I brought Hazel into the eye doctor for her first checkup.  Every parent should take advantage of the InfantSEE program – thousands of doctors participate in this program that provides free eye screenings for babies older than six months.  Yenari had some eye problems as a child that could have been much easier on her had they been discovered earlier, so she was very eager to have Hazel checked out.  Luckily everything looked great and Hazel cooperated just about as well as a baby could be expected with the lights, lenses, eye drops, and all the other fun things that come along with an eye doctors visit.

Finally, a couple photos we took yesterday:

Lazy Sunday morning

Closeup where you can see her teeth coming in:

Hazel's chompers

Hazel's chompers

Lazy Sunday morning

Lazy Sunday morning

Lazy Sunday morning


Heckuva Sunday

Posted by Greg on August 16th, 2009 with tags: , , ,

Double post Sunday!  Today Hazel celebrated her 11th week…or maybe it was we who celebrated – she pretty much just tagged along with us all day.  She slept in late and let Yenari get some rest while I caught up on some work in the late morning.  We decided to celebrate with a lunch at Yenari’s favorite sushi restaurant in the Bay Area: Pink Godzilla in Santa Cruz.

So we made the not so long, but long for lunch trip down to Santa Cruz for our late lunch and Yenari ate like a champ, taking down all of the sushi that she couldn’t eat when she was pregnant (still staying away from the high mercury stuff).  Lunch was excellent and Hazel slept the whole time, allowing us to devour the food without having to keep her happy.

After eating, we drove up to Felton to visit Rebecca, Troy, and their 4 week old baby boy Ewan.  We hadn’t met Ewan and they hadn’t met Hazel, so it was a big baby fest!  Ewan’s a big boy – despite her 7 week head start, Hazel is just about the same weight as Ewan and his feet are even bigger than hers!  Here they are together with their mommies followed by the foot comparison shot!

with Rebecca and EwanYenari thinks that in this picture Hazel is checking her watch to see if it’s time to wake up Ewan!

Ewan and Hazel compare feet

In the foot comparison Hazel’s on the left and Ewan’s on right.  Though they’re about the same size, it’s amazing what a difference 7 weeks makes – Hazel feels a lot more ‘solid’ and obviously has much better control over her head.  On holding Hazel, Rebecca said that Ewan is a lot more ‘floppy’.  Amazing how much they change over the course of a few weeks.  We had a great time visiting with Rebecca, Troy, and Ewan…trading baby stories and just catching up.

Normally when we go to Pink Godzilla we stop at the nearby A&W to pickup some root beer floats.  We hadn’t done that earlier, and Yenari was eager to fulfill our eating destiny, so we decided to stop in Campbell to pickup our root beer floats (and a bacon cheeseburger for me!) before heading home.  Tastey tastey.

We topped the evening off with a visit from my mom and Duncan who had just gotten back from their weekend excursion in Monterey.  Here they are, playing with Hazel on the couch:

with her meemaw and dpop

And lastly, here are a couple nice smiley photos I took today:

Smiley girl!

Smiley girl!

Smiley girl!

So, it was a very fun-filled day for us today…we’ve finally realized that we can actually go places and do things and she doesn’t go wild and crazy, so here’s to more fun-filled and exciting days to come!